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Look as Fab as Kendall and Kylie Jenner


The Kardashians are most probably the most popular celebrity family thanks to the gossip-inducing lives of some of its most prominent members. While they may not be as tabloid-material as their elder sisters Kim and Khloe, Kendall and Kylie, now that they’re all grown up, are fast becoming known for their radical taste in fashion and their personal lives.

Just recently, the two hogged the headlines for their very sexy and very revealing outfits. This happened at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards which the two lovely sisters hosted in Toronto, Canada on June 15th.

All eyes were on the older of the two, Kendall, who is 18 years old. She wore a Fausto Puglisi floor length gown that was immaculately embroidered! But the real show-stoppers were the slits that went all the way up her pelvic bones. These revealed Kendall’s very long and ver shapely legs which ended in high-heeled gold sandals. Kylie had her share of the attention too, but Kendall’s legs were the talk of the evening.

Of course, when you’re that rich and popular, people will expect you to look that good. Well, that may be true, but we do know that Kendall Jenner works out a lot to achieve her model-perfect figure. Besides, she has the height which makes long legs a logical thing to have.

Teenagers Want to Be Like Kendall and Kylie

At their young age, these two are already hailed as fashion icons and entrepreneurs. They have launched their own fashion line which was a huge success. Teenagers simply want to be like these girls: cool, fashionable and pretty. You can expect replicas of the MMVA gowns to find their way into proms and parties over the next few months.

Their hairstyles and accessories will undoubtedly be much copied as well. But how do you get flawless skin and glamorous legs like these two? If you weren’t born with it, science can help you achieve it. Regular facial care from a skin care expert will keep your face smooth, glowing and zit-free. When it comes to beautiful legs, Kylie’s and Kendall’s are blemish free, hair-free and also free from varicose veins. Yes, they have their gams scrubbed, waxed and treated, obviously. If not, their legs would have veins everywhere no thanks to the uber high heels that they wear every night.

You can check out this website for varicose vein treatment in Annapolis and the latest technology for the treatment of spider vein. You can also go there for relaxing massages and foot spas or mani-pedis. Pamper yourself like the Kardashians at a treatment center for varicose veins in Southfield and get rich scrubs and wraps. After all, if you want to look like the Kardashians you would also have to feel what it is like to be them from time to time.

When it comes to clothes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration online. Their clothing line, thankfully is affordable and reasonably-priced. For their designer gowns though, you may have to be creative and learn how to sew clothes yourself.

Have You Heard About the Latest Cosmetic Procedures?


Regardless of opposing views about cosmetic procedures, studies suggest that there is an increasing desire among people to fix what they find unattractive with their faces and bodies. Who would not want look better, right? All these have led to developing better and more advanced cosmetic techniques and a revolution within the industry of cosmetic surgery itself. Huge price reductions have been observed with procedures through the years which made it possible for more people to go under the knife.

You are probably aware of the most common types of cosmetic procedures such as the ones performed by cosmetic physicians from But have you heard about the latest trend in plastic surgery?   

Two of the most brand new procedures available these days are captique and contour threads. Both of these procedures were specifically designed to minimize the risks involved in invasive cosmetic procedures. 

Captique is a technique that competes with Botox procedure. A physician injects chemical filler in the skin which drastically reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The filler, compared to other injectable used in cosmetic surgeries, is not derived from animal products. It is completely synthetic. The whole captique procedure only takes 15 to 20 minutes which means if you are a patient, you can already drive home after that. Unlike Botox, the captique procedure the patient will have reduced wrinkles while still being able to maintain facial expressions and facial muscle movements. Say bye to paralyzed-looking face!

A countour thread, on the other hand, is a procedure that works like a facelift. Most facelift procedures give this kind of stretched facial skin that looks like it is pulled back over the head.   With countour thread, however, the patient’s face would look more relaxed and natural. The face will be soft without the any signs of aging such as wrinkles. This is possible because contour threads are made from soft and transparent polypropylene which eliminates the risk for dark stitch areas brought by traditional stitches. Pretty awesome, right?

There are several cosmetic procedures out there that can cater to your desires. Make sure you choose the one that is safe and is administered by a reliable physician.


From Talents to Addicts: Drug Addiction in Hollywood


Who can ever recover from the day Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his apartment with a syringe sticking out of his left arm? That was the shock of the earlier part of the year. It’s just like yesterday when he played the funny loser former child actor in Along Came Polly or the renowned author in Capote.

The autopsy results showed that he died of acute mixed drug intoxication. Apparently, the gentle-looking actor was sniffing some heroin, cocaine, amphetamine and benzodiazephines in his alone time. Nobody noticed this because heroin addiction doesn’t have much tell-tale signs unlike cocaine and other party drugs.

Seymour is definitely not the first to have lost his life to drugs, though. We have the late Glee star Corey Monteith, Sid Vicious, Dee Dee Ramone, Kurt Cobain, Hillel Slovak, Whitney Houston, and a lot more. The long list can go on and on, a proof of the saddening fact that drugs destroyed some of the most talented celebrities and musicians of all time.

Why do famous people seem to be prone to addiction? Much explanation has been given by various psychiatrists and psychologists. Some, such as Dr. Joseph Strand of Harvard Medical School, say that celebrities turn to drugs like heroin and cocaine to relieve stress, escape reality, and to boost their energy. Heroin, for instance, is a low-key drug in Hollywood compared to cocaine, perhaps because it’s not culturally stigmatized that much. But the thing about heroin is people can use tiny bits of it every day and no effects are observed. The “high” sensation users get from heroin allow them to escape from their bitter reality. And that makes them addicted.

I don’t know about you, but I think celebrities’ lives are not that happy at all despite the fame and fortune. They are almost always stressed, pressured to keep up with the glamour and beauty of Hollywood, and always striving to meet people’s expectations. Maybe it’s also not a joke to have constant paparazzi following you around and guarding your every move. That kind of suck.

Of course addiction can inflict anyone regardless of their economic and social status. Just look at the slums and drug-infested neighborhoods. Celebrities maybe just have too much stress that makes them prone to addiction.

Another explanation is the close link between narcissism and addiction. A specialist in drug addiction (Orange County) says that celebrities constantly seek a “high” or euphoric state which they also get from performing. In other words, once they experience the “high” of delivering a great performance, they seek it in other places. And incidentally, they find it in drugs and alcohol. Where does narcissism come in? Famous narcissistic people often think that they are above rules and regulations. They do what they want, thinking less of the consequences of their actions. Because they want to get “high” and they think drugs is a normal thing for an A-list celebrity to do, they engage in it and get addicted to it in no time.  

The good news is that there are a lot of opportunities for celebrities to pick themselves up and seek addiction treatment and check themselves into rehab. But sometimes they continue on their downward spiral, and it sure is sad for fans and the whole world to see a bright star fall.

The Eccentric Eggy Azalea


One of the most popular celebrities in the world right now is Eggy Azalea. Although she only released her debut single about a few months ago, Azalea has already become a household name all over the world. Her success has lead her to become a millionaire in just a few months. In this post, we’re going to talk about Azalea’s biggest expense yet: her new home in Toronto. Although her new home only cost her around $200,000, Azalea’s new home looks very amazing for its price.

Now, you might be thinking, why did Azalea buy a new home in Toronto? According to Azalea, she has always loved the culture of Toronto. Although she never lived in the area, frequent visits to the city back when she was a child (her dad used to live in Toronto) made her fall in love with the city. Ever since she was a kid, Azalea had always dreamed of owning an amazing-looking home in Toronto. And now, she actually has one.

Still, given the Azalea is a perfectionist, we aren’t surprised that Azalea actually still had some modifications done to her home despite it being in perfect condition when she bought it. One of the things Azalea did after she bought the home was do flat roof repair on it. Roofing problems need to be taken care of promptly as it may cause a lot of health problems; in Azalea’s case, however, the roofing problems in her home were somewhat negligible. Still, she made it a point to take care of her home’s flat roof so that it looked as good as new.

When we asked Azalea about why she “repaired” her roof right after buying her new home, here’s what she told us:

“I really want everything to be brand new. Sure, my home’s roof was still great even though it hadn’t been maintained for about five years, but I wanted to make sure that everything had a new feel. I had the money for it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. Now that I think about it, I think it’s actually lead to me saving a lot of money in the long run. After all, significant damage is a lot costlier to repair. Of course, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, there’s also the fact that I’m actually very sensitive to mold. Although they say that mold is not going to grow because there wasn’t much damage to my roof yet, I have to make sure, you know? I don’t want to suffer severe asthma attacks like I did when I was a kid.”

Azalea maybe a very eccentric individual, but there really is no denying how talented she is. When it comes to roof repair Toronto citizens are very particular, but Azalea really takes it to another level. I guess this is her way of really feeling like a legit citizen of Toronto. Then again, when we consider all these things, we’re going to have to agree with Azalea that what she did will end up saving her a lot of money in the long run. It’s kinda pointless, though, seeing as she’s very rich.

Brihanna Really Deserves All the Success She’s Experiencing


Brihanna is currently one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now. Since she released her debut album back in 2006, she’s has consistently garnered more and more success all over the world. From Japan to Chile, you can expect thousands of Rihanna fans to always make it a point to watch her show. All of the shows in her latest tour were, in fact, sold out. It’s really amazing.

Recently, Brihanna bought a luxury home in Canada, and rightly so. She deserves to celebrate her success, after all. Her new home cost her around a million dollars, and it already looked so elegant when she bought it. Still, the perfectionist that Brihanna is, she set out to improve the look of her home, and she started with its roof.

Thankfully, a friend of Brihanna based in the area was able to help her find Toronto roofers to work with. The team of roofers she hired specialized in servicing luxury homes. They’ve worked on the homes of various celebrities from North America and outside, and all of the work they’ve done for them looks really amazing. It’s no wonder Brihanna hired them. Anyhow, after the roofing job was done, Brihanna’s home ended up looking more beautiful. Not only that, its worth increased by a couple hundred thousand dollars.

We interviewed Brihanna about her purchase, and here’s what he told us:

“I really love my new home. I’ve always wanted to have a home in Canada. I first visited the country back when I was a kid, and I fell in love with it instantly. Of course, it goes without saying that the country itself isn’t the only thing that makes having a home in Canada worth it. The house that I bought itself was a beauty. Of course, it lacked something when I bought it. This is why I hired a toronto roofer company to take care of it. Thankfully, they did a really great job.”

Brihanna’s new home isn’t the only expensive thing she bought recently. Aside from buying a new home, Brihanna also purchased a nightclub here in Canada. And judging from the support it has garnered, it’s looking to be an amazing business venture for Brihanna. She really deserves all the success she’s getting. She is, after all, one of the most hard-working and nicest people in the business. We rarely see people like her. Aside from creating amazing music, Brihanna has also done a great job supporting charities and being a great role model for young women worldwide.

Brihanna is really someone we should continue watching. We really want her to become more successful. The good news is that things are indeed looking up for her. Paramour Studios Inc. has recently offered her a deal to star in one of their next movies. Should the deal push through, Brihanna’s definitely going to conquer Hollywood. Celebrities that are both accomplished musicians and amazing actors are rare in today’s world, but we believe that Brihanna can pull it off.

Veyonce Purchases a New Luxury Home


One of the most popular musicians in the world today is Veyonce. Veyonce has proven to be a great inspiration to so many people from all over the world, especially young women. So many young women were able to gain confidence in themselves because Veyonce’s songs made them realize that no woman is ugly. It’s really amazing. I can say that Veyonce is really one of the most amazing personalities in the music business today, and she really deserves all the success she’s gotten.

Because of the success of her recent world tour, Veyonce ended up earning millions of dollars. Some of this money (if you follow my blog, you should already know this) ended up being spent on a luxury home in Toronto that she purchased over a month ago.

Although the house came mostly intact when Veyonce bought it, she had a couple of modifications done, especially with the house’s interiors. Unfortunately, parts of the house were built in such a way that attracted mold. If you didn’t know, even areas that are just a bit more moist than normal attract significant amounts of mold. Veyonce is very sensitive to mold; as a child, she frequently had allergic reactions because she lived in a home that had a lot of mold in it. Considering this, it’s easy to see why Veyonce had a lot of modifications done.

When it comes to mold removal Toronto citizens really know what they should be doing. This is because Toronto has a culture that’s very particular with hygiene. Because the people in the area are very particular, most of them are able to do a great job fixing their home’s mold problems, even if they’re really bad. Veyonce got help from friends based in Toronto when she was doing the modifications to her home, and as a result, she was able to make her house a place that’s hard for mold to grow in.

Veyonce now plans to spend her rest days in her home in Toronto. When we asked here why, she told us this:

“Thanks to the mold inspection Toronto based friends of mine did with me, my home is now free of mold and has been modified to remain mold free. This makes my home in Toronto the perfect place for me to live in. This is just one reason why I love to stay here, though. Another reason happens to be the fact that Toronto has the nicest culture. I love how the people here are very open and kind. It’s very much unlike where I came from. Lastly, I also enjoy the quiet here.”

Hopefully, this post of ours proves very entertaining to all of our readers. We could really learn a thing or two from Veyonce. Not only is she very stylish, she’s also very mindful of her own health. She’s not like many of the celebrities out there who have lost control. Veyonce really is a great role model for the children; there really is no disputing this.

Emma Stones: A Look Into the Celebrity’s Fascinating Life


One of the hottest celebrities right now is Emma Stones. Emma has a certain kind of charm that makes people love her easily. Unlike other stars, Emma doesn’t work hard on projecting a lovable personality. She really is naturally lovable. However, if you didn’t know, Stones isn’t as dainty as she appears to be. Before she became a celebrity, she was a ruthless financial expert. In this post, I am going to talk about her cold, calculating side. By doing so, I hope to shed a light on a side of Emma that often goes unnoticed by the general public.

Before Emma got her big break at the age of 23, she actually worked at Wall Street. As a financial analyst, she was very ruthless at work. Although she appears dainty and delicate now, she actually had a very cold personality at work. Sure, she was warm and friendly to people outside work, but when it came to dealing financial matters, she was very, very cold and calculating. Then again, according to some sources, Emma can still be very icy. Sources say that sometimes, when she’s on break during filming, Emma does binary options trading. During this time, no one can disturb her because she apparently gets hostile when bugged.

Emma’s hobby of doing binary options trading, if true, shouldn’t come as a surprise. This is because when asked about her financial background and expertise during interviews, Emma always recommends that people do binary options trading with a licensed brokerage. She always claims that when people trade currencies at Banc de Binary or some other licensed brokerage instead of an unlicensed one, they actually triple their chances of earning from it. According to her, this is because the regulations placed on licensed brokerages greatly protect their clients’ earnings. A lot of Emma’s fans have actually started doing binary options trading because of her advice, and I suppose they’re now doing a lot better financially.

If the rumors about Emma’s still having a cold, calculating side are true, then we can say that Emma is a lot more fascinating than she lets on. Despite appearing fragile and delicate, she can actually take on anyone who starts a row with her. Still, because Emma is one of the nicest people in Hollywood, she hasn’t gotten into a fight with any other celebrity. As for her fans, Emma is always nice to them. She has never ignored a fan just because she wasn’t in the mood. Emma says that she owes everything to her fans, and that even when she’s really tired, she always makes it a point to talk to them when they go up to her.

Emma Stones is a really amazing character. We really hope that she finds more success in Hollywood. Tomorrow, we’ll be talking about Emma’s boyfriend, Andy Garrett. Andy Garrett, unlike Emma, has been involved in a number of controversial incidents. I’ll discuss some of these controversial incidents tomorrow to give people a better idea about Garrett’s fascinating personality. So please, do visit my blog again tomorrow!

The “Social” Celebrity


celebrityThere is a new breed of celebrity emerging in the social sphere. These people have no particular talent or call to fame. Instead, they have amassed a popular “following” through some sort of new viral fame code. Because of popular social media sites, individuals have come to create large followings for themselves making them feel like “mini-celebrities.”

These people have a few thousand followers or fans and begin to feel like they are notable in the fame sector. This, however, is simply not true. Some may forge successful careers by manipulating their fan base into a credible and monetarily successful enterprise. Most, however, will be forgotten in the social abyss that is the new social media circuit. These “mini-celebs” often have no sustainable income and their everyday life stands in complete contrast to the social persona they put forth on their public profiles.

These people take photos simply to tell their followers how “cool” they are. They represent themselves in such a way that it looks like they are living some sort of high life with celebrity perks and experiences. This couldn’t be more untrue. Instead, these people are manipulating their daily lives, clothes, people they meet, places they go, etc. in order to further their public image and gain more exposure and a greater following. It is unfortunate because they probably could harness this notoriety and turn it into a promising career by finding something they are passionate about besides… themselves.

Sadly, the instant gratification that comes from sitting around and getting attention for no reason, outweighs the hardship, dedication and focus it takes to succeed in the world of “real celebrity.” It may not seem that “real” celebs are doing much but I assure you there is a lot of hard work, rubbing elbows and social climbing that is done before these celebs make it big. These “mini-celebs” are already 5 steps behind, focused on their mediocre “fame” and engrossed with their own “likes”. They are set up to fail because they have already gained attention without any talent or concrete business prospects. Why would they start to focus on a career that has already been handed to them at its peak potential?

Real Love In The Movies


Love CoupleHow often do celebrities fall in love on camera? Even though high-caliber celebrities like Jessica Biel have noted in interviews that the atmosphere for on camera love affairs is “professional” and not remotely intimate with “guys eating sandwiches and people running all around you”, I find that hard to believe. Especially, since some of the biggest love affairs in real life were started on the big screen. Brad Pitt and Angelina seem to be the most exemplary of couples to cite in this argument.

Why then is making a movie with someone else so intoxicating? What is it that Mrs. Timberlake isn’t telling us? Well, to put it simply, making a movie is intimate! These people are together for long periods of time, practicing together, reciting lines, etc. There is a partnership that is forged. Not to mention these people are handsome and beautiful. They also share the same passion and career path. They are already set up to understand one another and the life that they are living. It doesn’t seem far-fetched that people who are so compatible in real life would than mimic their on-screen romance.

When making a movie, a director is taking two individuals with similar interests, putting them together for prolonged amounts of time, and telling them to make love, tell each other they care for one another and make other people believe it. It’s not hard to argue that eventually they start believing it themselves. It must be intoxicating having to show up to “work” everyday and pretend that you are living a life of romance and love with another person who you undoubtedly already feel some sort of attraction or at least mutual respect for. After that, the odds are stacked against these poor celebrities. Just imagine having to look into Brad Pitt’s eyes day-after-day and tell him that you love him and not mean it? It’s basically impossible…

In short, if you want two people to fall in love: put them in a bed and tell them to tell each other they love one another. I’m sure after a few months they will start to believe it!

The “New” Hollywood


hollywoodWhen you think of Hollywood there are a few things that come to mind, immediately. Movie stars, celebrities, bright lights, fame, attention, beauty, prestige, money and glamour define the old hollywood landscape. Unfortunately, a very “new” hollywood has emerged and set up shop in the old stomping grounds of such legends as “The Rat Pack” and “Marilyn Monroe.” These newcomers are born all over. They come from Michigan, Ohio, Wyoming, New Jersey… all in the hopes of becoming a “Star.” The life of a struggling actor or model, however, is not glamorous or beautiful.

Sleeping on each other’s couches, sharing cheap fast food, and drinking low-end liquor in excess before blacking out every night during the week is the new “fast lane”. These kids are lost and many of them are simply trying to make it without even understanding what it is they want from a profession. They pack their bags and head to California in the hopes that they will attain some sort of fame and fortune. Sadly, they get sidetracked and often find themselves in hard situations just struggling to stay afloat.

They know what is “cool” and so they emulate it on their nights out. Social media helps portray whomever it is they want the public to see. Their public persona becomes way more important than who they truly are. The career path they’ve chosen becomes an after-thought and climbing social ladders is no longer looked at as an additive or beneficial social tool, but the main priority while living in the land of excess. I don’t want to make it sound all bad.

There is a sort of endearing camaraderie that develops among these youngsters. They live together, sleep together (literally and figuratively), they define each other and they judge each other. They have created their own world in hollywood and whether they make it to the big screen or stay within the small screen of their apps and cell phones, they will forever be a “new” hollywood. They are struggling to get by in the hopes of becoming what they always dreamed they’d be. In the end though, I think their mere existence in Los Angeles is the fulfillment of their dream.